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Issue 10

Quality takes time. This issue contains the latest on humane technology, updates on the alternative (re-decentralized) web, crypto currencies make a debut on this medium. And to conclude, three manifestos to get inspired (to write your own?).

Humane Technology

Let's start the first link with app ratings based on happiness. 200,000 iPhone users rated their happiness after using apps, here are the results. Second link features Tristan, design ethicist at Center for Humane Technology, speaking at US Senate about big tech companies mass-manipulating their users that results in human downgrading. Lastly, a summary of why happiness and pleasure are two completely different things.

Alternative Web

IPFS and DAT protocol are two promising projects for re-decentralizing web apps. First, DAT site, second, the beaker browser, needed to use DAT apps and third, Radicle, LISP-dialect-programmable state machines on IPFS (a decentralized storage layer).


Pretty weird that I work in the crypto space and have not shared any links yet. Here comes the debut! PoolTogether is an Ethereum dAPP, which allows a bunch of people to lock and invest money in P2P loans. After a time period the profit goes to a randomly chosen participant. They call it the zero-loss lottery. LoanScan, if interested in P2P borrowing as an investment. And Binance DEX, IEO, initial exchange offerings are the latest in the crypto space.


Three manifestos to inspire (to write your own?). Offline manifesto, yes there's a world without internet. Sustainable web manifesto and the good old Cypberpunk manifesto.

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