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Issue 11

Issue time! Starting off with offline-first related content, a solar-powered website, internet refugees and books. Next, I'll share sweet design (motion) candy, moving on to DIY hacker hardware and nerdy MacOS tools. Don't rush, don't fomo, next issue comes in a week, until then, happy discovering.

Offline first

First link, inkandswitch proposes “local-first software”: a set of principles for software that enables both collaboration and ownership for users. Second, a solar-powered website, which means it sometimes goes offline. Last, Mike Burns leaving the internet. I don't know who he is, but found it cool when stumbling upon it.


Chad Mazzola's reading list. I found his website through our shared XXIIVV webring. Which is a good starting point for browsing the web and finding cool sites. If in doubt, check Goodreads for reviews.


Design! When working together to design a product you gotta set a scene: "Truly creative collaborations are ones that result in unexpected outcomes. Working on projects like this require all participants to step outside of their normal routines and entertain new ideas.". Second link, an amazing React library for animations. Is this the next step in the evolution of UX web design? And related to that, the third link, a library of good mobile UX flows.

Dangerous Prototypes

Big fan of mech keyboards here, and the first link is just soo~ cool. A digital typewriter, which can only be used for exactly one thing, writing. Second link, is an Android tool which allows you to turn any Android phone into a Linux environment, great for re-using old phones as a terminal etc. An offline first, Arkadia computer based on Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3L over at Crowd Supply.

Mac OS tools

Ever tried to setup hotkeys in MacOS? I strongly believe it's not even possible without any hacks. skhd provides you that hack. Second, yabai, a window tiling manager for Mac OS. And, for all the font collectors: Fontbase.

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