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Issue 12

This week's issue is a bit more sparse. On the flipside, easy to consume! We've got 10x engineers, new underdog MacOS tools for productivity and sonic scapes for focus and relaxation. If you have any tips for the next, please reach out!

Food For Thought

"Don't hire 10x engineers, hire ten 1x engineers and pay them 10%. Now you have distributed high-availability cloud engineering. You can also have them validate each-other's work for blockchain functionality."


10x engineers

The 10x engineer is a myth, compliment for some, and for some a dangerous stereotype. 10x engineers are ten times more productive, due to talent or extreme passion/focus in engineering, e.g. coding, coding not only at work but also in their free time. 10x engineers are "heroes" in companies, keeping knowledge and are the single points of failure (e.g. quitting). First link features an episode on 10x engineers on Developer Tea, a picked blog post on the topic, and last, a collection of all content on hacker news on that topic.

Mac OS

I'm pretty sure you have encountered Pomodoro technique before. However, chances are, like me, you haven't found a decent free Pomodoro timer. Well, the search is over. Check out pomotroid. Tired of the good old Finder? Try the more minimalistic version qian: A minimalist file-explorer using Electron via Elm! Last, a free universal media player which is not VLC.

Sonic Scapes

In London, it's extremely loud, especially the tube is unbareable. I became a huge fan of MyNoise, which is free in the basic version and contains high quality ambient environment sounds which seem never to repeat. The mixer allows you to systematically block out frequencies of your surroundings. Calm is rated as one of the most happiness-inducing apps. is a paid service, which stimulates the brain for focus, relaxation and restoration.

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