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Issue 8

This week I would like to share some content around must-have command line tools and fancy MacOS tools. Three links to provide eyecandy. And three of my favourite podcasts.


Last week I shared some killer command line tools that make you a 10x developer when used correctly. I'd like to continue that route with some more tools on my all-time list. Aria2 is a universal download tool that speeds up your downloads. Mosh is a robust mobile shell which works fluently even with bad connectivity. And taskbook is THE todo list for the console.

MacOS Tools

Organization is key to increase productivity and remain a peace of mind. Pretzel is for learning more shortcuts along your workflow, it supports many applications. ITerm2 is a must-have for all programmers who use MacOS and VOX Player is an old-school MP3, FLAC, OGG Player that supports putting your own music into the cloud and listen to it everywhere.


Need inspiration for your next website? Checkout Webframe it has screenshots to get inspired for different types of sites e.g. pricing, landing, onboarding etc. The importance of contrast is underestimated, to make sure your website App works in difficult situations, e.g. screen glare or the viewer has problems seeing contrasts, you can use Contrast. Noun Project is a must-know for icons, symbols, visual language.


Here are some interesting podcasts I'd like to share. Your Undivided Attention, the new podcast by the Center for Humane Technology shares exciting stories about tech addiction, manipulation etc. Developer Tea offers helpful concepts in small episodes and Ashes Ashes is my favourite podcast about all the things that I are going wrong these days.

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