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Issue 9

This is the fourth issue in the experiment of releasing weekly output. As some of you might notice, it's not as regular as started. However, it's human to delay things if more important things arise or simply procrastinate. Keeping it human, I hope that you enjoy this little letter of recommendations. Please feel free to provide me feedback, so I can improve!


Continuing with command line tool recommendations this week, I'd like to share wharfee, a docker shell with autocompletion, cmus, in my opinion the best music player for the command line, and htop, the better process monitoring tool, compared to the simple top.

MacOS Tools

It happens to me quite a lot that I have to align things in presentations or on websites. Wouldn't it be nice to have a ruler integrated into MacOS? This is what PixelSnap is. MacPass is a free password manager which I use everyday and haven't had any problems with it. Native Instruments released a free version of Traktor for MacOS and iPad. Pretty cool.


As an engineer who's very interested into design, I can say that design is most of the time completely underrated among developer circles. It doesn't matter if its product design, graphic design, UX design, what the user experiences is the most important side of the complete package. Technology, even damn interesting, is just a means. Here are three very good starting points for design thinking and humane design.


Speaking of design, Design Tomorrow, is a polished podcast about ideas in design. It's thought provoking and critical. Sometimes a bit too fluffy, but definitely inspirational. Sound matters is an interesting format in which big cities are explored by their sounds. Dharma talks, great for long trips, long episodes, very slow to consume, Zen teachings to go.

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